Mohamed Samir Mohamed Fouad AbdelAziz Khalaf,

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Current Post 
Professor Ob.Gyn.,Al-Azhar Faculty of Medicine. 
Cairo Egypt. 




M.B.B.Ch.,1982,Al-Azhar Faculty of Medicine. 

M.Sc. Ob.Gyn.,1986,Al-Azhar Faculty of Medicine 

M.D Ob.Gyn.,1992,Al-Azhar Faculty of Medicine. 





*Professor Ob.Gyn. Al-Azhar Faculty of Medicine from October 2003.

*Assistant Professor, Ob.Gyn., Al-Azhar Faculty of Medicine, Cairo. 
From September ,1998 to September 2003

*Lecturer, Ob.Gyn., Al-Azhar Faculty of Medicine. 
From June, 30th,1993 to September 1st.,1998. 

*Assistant Lecturer, Ob.Gyn., Al-Azhar Faculty of Medicine. 
From December 1st., 1988 to June,29th., 1993. 

*Demonstrator, Ob.Gyn.,Al-Azhar Faculty of Medicine. 
From November,24th.,1987 To December 1st.,1988. 

*Resident Ob.Gyn., Al-Azhar University Hospitals. 
From March,3rd.,1984 To December 1st, 1987. 

*Resident General Surgery, Suez Military Hospital,Suez
From July 21st.,1984 To September,30th.,1985. 

*Internship (house Officer) Al-Azhar University Hospitals. 
From March 1st,1983 To February 29th.,1984. 


Post doctor Fellow, Clinical Investigation Dept., Section of Gynecological Medical Oncology. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, 
Houston, Texas, 
From July ,1998 To August 30th.,1998. 



*Training Sponsored by 'RCOG'; Ashington Hospital, Affiliated to Newcastle Teaching Hospitals. 
From February 1st.1993 To July 31st.1993. 

*Training Sponsored by 'RCOG'; The General Infirmary at Leeds. United Leeds Teaching Hospital. Gynecological Oncology. 
From August 1st.,1993 To December,17th.,1993. 


Saudi Arabia 

*Visiting Consultant Ob.Gyn.; King Fahd Hospital at Al-Baha. 
From April 15th., To June 15th.,1997. 

*Visting Consultant Ob.Gyn.;King Fahd Hospital at Al-Baha. 
From Nov.15th.,1997 To February 14th.,1998. 

*Visiting consultant OBGYN, King Khaled  Hospital, Hail; From March to September 2001

*Visiting consultant; OBGYN Taif Maternity Hospital and King AbulAziz specilatiy Hospital from January to March 2003

*Visiting consultant United Doctors Hospital Jeddah, From April to November 2007



* visiting consultant ;11th june clinic trapoli ; April to June 2009


Visiting consultant OBGYN, farwania Hospital, Ministry of Health from 12 December 2009 to 11 February 2010

Consultant OBGYN; Farwania Hospital, Ministry of Health, from October 2010 to 31st March 2011

Visiting Consultant Taiba Hospital Kuwait from 30/4/11 to 30/5/11



* International Gynecologic Cancer Society (IGCS). 

*European Society of Gyncological Oncology (ESGO)

* UNICEF evaluation team for mother-baby friendly Hospitals. 

* World Oncology Network (WON). 

* International Oncology Study Group (IOSG). 

* Egyptian Society for Mother and Baby Health. 

*Egyptian Society for Breast Feeding. 



* President

*Editorial Advisor;

* Member of the Research Of Advisory Board, American Biographic Institute, Inc. (ABI) USA. 

*consultant editor, the contemporary who's who. ABI

*Member of the International Biographic Centre (IBC) , Advisory Council.- Cambridge, England.  




Honor  and Awards

*Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare,3rd ed.,200-2001,4th.ed.2002/2003.  

*Who's Who in the World, 16th ed.Jan.1999.,17th ed.Jan.2000 and 18th ed. Jan.2001.  

*Outstanding People of the 20th.Century, 1999.,International Biographic Centre, Cambridge, England

* who's who in science and engineering 2002/2003

*Noble Prize for outstanding achievement and contribution to humanity-UUC 2001

*International Peace Prize, UUC 2002.

*World Medal of Honor. ABI 2003

*Dictionary of International Biography-thirty First Edition, IBC-Cambridge, Great Britain.

*The Contemporary Who's Who of Professionals 2004/2005 ABI-USA

*International Educator of The Year 2004 IBC-England

*Commemorative Medal ..Man of the year 2005 ABI-USA

*The World Medal of Freedom 2005,2006 ABI-USA

*International Biographical Association Health Professional of the year 2006 IBC-Cambridge, Great Britain

*Gold Medal for Egypt 2006, ABI-USA

*2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of The 21st. century. IBC-Cambridge, Great Britain

*International Directory of Experts and Expertise 2006, ABI_USA

* Global Year of Medicine and Healthcare 2006, The Marie Curie Award , IBC-Great Britain

*American Medal of Honor,2006. ABI-USA

*International Health Professional of the Year 2007, IBC-Cambridge-Great Britain.

* 2008 Man of the Year-Egypt;  American Biographic Institute,Inc.         
Emerald Who's Who for Executives and Professionals 2007-2008, 2008-      2009.

*The International Hippocrates Award for Medical Achievement (Iconic          achievement)....IBC-Cambridge, England 2009                                                              

* 2009 Man of the Year-Egypt;  American Biographic Institute, Inc.(ABI) 




*Supervision and teaching Doctors and nurses all aspects of ante natal, intrapartum and postpartum Management. 

*Supervision and teaching Doctors Hystroscopy and Laparoscopy; diagnostic and Operative and Tubal Surgeries. 

* Infertility work-up and treatment

*Experience in Routine Ultrasonography . 

* Director of Gynecologic Oncology – Al-Azhar University Hospitals.

*Perform Radical operations for female genital cancer, intracavitary applications and supervise protocols for chemotherapy. 


Teaching Activities 

*Teaching Undergraduate and Postgraduate doctors and nurses. 

*Supervision of theses for the Master and Doctoral degrees. 

*Board of Examiners for M.B.B.Ch., Diploma ; Master degrees and Doctorate degree in Ob.Gyn. 

*Member of the continuing medical education (CME) unit at Al-Azhar Faculty of Medicine. 

*Member of postgraduate committee ,Al-Azhar Faculty of Medicine

*Reviewer ; The Lancet.


…pregnancy and birth/gynecologic oncology





Samir Fouad Abdel Aziz  Khalaf,MD

Prof.Ob.Gyn,Al-Azhar Faculty of Medicine, Cairo-Egypt.


Theses and Publications:

1-Induction of Ovulation and Ovum Pick-Up in Inviro fertilization. Thesis submitted for partial fulfillment of the Master degree in Ob.Gyn.Al-Azhar Faculty of Medicine,1986.

2-Intrapartum Fetal Heart Monitoring in Relation to Maternal and Cord blood gases and pH. Thesis submitted for partial fulfillment of the Doctoral degree, Al-Azhar Faculty of Medicine,1991.

3-Compartive study of Two-monthly injectable contraceptives.Multi-center study. Egyptian Fertility Society,1992.

4-Role of maternal Human Lactogen, Estriol and Ultrasonography in monitoring high-risk pregnancy.Al-Azhar Medical Journal,Vol.25,1994.

5-Early cord clamping and blood viscosity and some hematological determinants in the newborn. New Egypt.J.Med.vol.11,No.1,1994.

6-A study of sample of reactive artheritis patients with special reference to Tetracycline in Chlamydia Trachomatis Cervicitis.

2nd world congress of inflamation.Sept.1995,Brighton,UK.

7-Effect of immediate postpartum curettage on the recovery of severe preeclampsia. New Egypt. J Med.vol.12,No1,1995.

8-Conception rate in Polycyctic Ovary Syndrome (resistant to clomid) with different treatment modalities. New Egpt.J.Med.1995.

9-Clinical evaluation of the efficacy of antiprostaglandine in prophylaxis of adhesion following myomectomy operation.Al-Azhar Medical Journal vol.24,1995.

10-Behaviour of leiomyoma with pregnancy as evaluated by ultrasound. The scientific journal of Al-Azhar Medical Faculty (Girls),vol.17,No.2,1996.

11-Cord blood erythropiotin in relation to different markers of fetal hypoxia. The scientific Journal of Al-Azhar Medical Faculty (Girls),Vol.17,No2,1996.

12-Serum Folate, Alpha-Tochopherol and Beta-Caroten in preinvasive and invasive cancer of the uterine cervix.

1st.International conference of Ob.Gyn Al-Azhar University.1998.

13-Intrauterine insemination versus fallopian tube sperm perfusion for treatment of infertility.

1st.International Conference of Ob.Gyn.Al-Azhar University.1998.


14-The use of Ultrasound in prediction of the fate of first trimester threatened abortion.1st.Internal conference of Ob.Gyn.Al-Azhar University.1998.

15-Anti-thyroid Auto-antibodies in recurrent abortion.

Journal of Egyptian Society of Ob.Gyn.,1999.

16-Intrauterin insemination versus intrafalopian sperm perfusion in the treatment of infertility .Egpt.J.Biomed. Science 2000

17-Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia (CIN II,CINIII)enhamncement of progression with oral and perilesional injection of vitamin E(alpha-tochopherol). Egpt.J.Biomed. Science 2000

18-Serum level of vitamin A, E, B-carotin and Folate in cases with cervical interaepithelial neoplasia, Population science 2000.

19-Predicition of early pregnancy failurer with a single progesterone level assessment combined with transvaginal ultrasound parameters. Population science 2000.


20-Procollagen III in benign gynecologic conditions and ovarian cancer. Scientific J.Al-Azhar Medical Faculty(Girls) 2002


21-Preoperative Diagnosis of ovarian cancer in patients presented with adnexal mass using the risk of malignancy index. Scientific J.Al-Azhar Medical Faculty(Girls) 2002

22-Umblicial cord blood leptin, insulin-like growth factor I, insultin-like growth factor binding protein3 and newborn birth weight in preeclampsia. Scientific J.Al-Azhar Medical Faculty(Girls) 2002

23-Comparative study of the use of CA 125, procollagenII and risk of malignancy index in diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Scientific J.Al-Azhar Medical Faculty(Girls)2003

Supervised Theses:

1-Evaluation of immediate and late post abortive IUD insertion.

2-Evaluation of the endometrium in cancer breast patients on Tamixofen


3-Evaluation of Adenexal Mass

4-Role of Doppler Flow Ultrasound in prediction of preeclampsia

5-Ovarian auto-antibodies in poor responders cases for IVF.

6-Conservative surgery in Female genital cancer….easy for master degree 2006

7-Immunotherapy in Gynecologic Oncology…..easy for Master degree 2007